Aqua Clear Antiscalants

Aqua Clear has a whole line of specially formulated antiscalant chemicals for use in reverse osmosis and nano-filtration systems. Antiscalants are essential for use in water purification systems as they prevent scaling of purification elements. Scaling of membranes typically causes irreversible physical damage to the membrane components and significantly increases operational costs. Membrane scaling can happen rapidly, causing need to replace membranes which is typically very expensive. Implementation of the correct dose of the proper antiscalant for your feed water is crucial to proper system operation and maintenance.

Every Aqua Clear formulated scale inhibitor is designed for specific troublesome sparingly soluble salts. Aqua Clear provides definitive antiscalant recommendations based on a feed water quality analysis in conjunction with our proprietary water analysis projection software. Contact an Aqua Clear water treatment specialist today for requests on feed water analyses and antiscalant projections.



Antiscalant Product Line


  • A broad scope scale inhibitor made with a proprietary polymeric blend designed to disperse colloidal particles. AC-770 is phosphate and phosphonate free for use in applications where phosphate discharge is restricted.



  • Reverse Osmosis and nanofiltration scale¬†inhibitor which strongly prohibits phosphate and sulfate-based crystal formation.



  • A membrane antiscalant designed specifically for sulfate-based scale inhibition in highly stressed water applications. Efficiently inhibits crystal growth formation of calcium sulfate, strontium sulfate and barium sulfate scales.

AC-772 Product Data Sheet


  • A specially formulated, broad scope scale inhibitor for water systems with high amounts of dissolved carbonates and high hardness levels. Strongly inhibits calcium carbonate formation.

AC-773 Product Data Sheet


  • A proprietary blend specifically designed prevent silica scale formation. For use in highly stressed waters with high silicic acid content.

AC-775 Product Data Sheet


  • Specialty scale inhibitor¬†that impedes a broad range of scale formation. Highly effective in preventing sulfate, silica and carbonate scales.

AC-777 Product Data Sheet

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