Clean-In-Place (CIP) Skids

Water Treatment Specialists clean in place cup system

Clean-In-Place (CIP) Skids by Water Treatment Specialists

Aqua Clear studies show that on-time, regular membrane cleanings significantly increase Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF) and Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane life. Aqua Clear recommends cleaning a system with a 15% increase in differential pressure, 15% decrease in permeate productivity or increase in product total dissolved solids. Both membrane manufacturer and Aqua Clear studies show that cleaning a membrane system by the above parameters will significantly increase membrane life, saving on membrane replacement costs. Aqua Clear also has a whole line of RO and NF membrane compatible cleaners.

Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists CIP skids are designed for on-site cleaning of RO and NF systems. Additionally Aqua Clear designs and manufactures UF CIP skids. They can produce cleaning flow rates ranging from 15 to 220 gallons per minute, and are compatible with polyamide thin film composite or cellulose acetate membrane elements. These skids are assembled, tested and field-ready to offer a convenient and economical way to maximize your RO, NF or UF system investment.


  • Portability for quick and easy on-site operation
  • Quality construction that stands up to cleaning chemicals
  • Recommended by the membrane manufacturers


  • 304SS pumps
  • LPE chemical tanks with cover
  • Re-circulation valve for mixing chemicals
  • Pressure switches for smooth pump operation and protection
  • Drain valve
  • SCH 80 PVC piping
  • Aluminum or polyurethane-coated steel frame
  • Filtration systems
  • Flowmeters
  • Temperature gauge
  • Pump pressure gauges
  • NEMA 4 electrical enclosures
  • Pump motor disconnect switch
  • Power on indicator light
  • Pump run indicator light
  • Low tank level alarm

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