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Aqua Clear Coagulants and Flocculants

Coagulation is a commonly used chemical process in water purification. Coagulation is a technique that essentially utilizes charge density properties in small colloids allowing them to conglomerate into large, collective colloids that are more easily removed by prefiltration methods such as multimedia filtration. In some instances where feed water sources are quite turbid, the addition of coagulants may create much cleaner feed water prior to nano-filtration or reverse osmosis. Since reverse osmosis and nano-filtration membranes are so selective, turbid, low quality feed water may rapidly foul membrane elements leading to increased membrane cleaning frequency. The addition of a coagulant may significantly decrease the cleaning frequency of membranes potentially saving thousands in operational, maintenance and cleaning costs annually.

Aqua Clear’s highly trained lab personnel perform filtration studies for specific feed water sources to determine the most effective coagulant and optimum dosage requirements. Every water source is unique, so Aqua Clear ensures custom results tailored specifically to the feed water source in use. Click the link below to request a filtration study from Aqua Clear for a coagulant recommendation and dosage requirements.




Coagulants & Flocculants Product Line


  • A high charge density iron metal salt coagulant and cationic polymer blend for use in systems treating waters with high Total Organic Content. Effectively flocculates and removes small particles with low dosage requirements. Compatible with polyamide thin film membranes.

ROFloc B Product Data Sheet


  • A reverse osmosis membrane compatible, cationic polymer blend designed for removal of suspended solids and turbidity reduction. Aids in removal of trivalent metal carryover in systems using metal salt coagulants.

ROFloc P Product Data Sheet


  • An all-metal salt blend designed for use in systems utilizing natural water sources such as lakes, ponds, rivers and runoff. ROFloc M contains a proprietary blend of ferric and ferrous ions which help to optimize coagulation of decomposed organic matter and organic colloids.

ROFloc M Product Data Sheet


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