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Headquartered in San Diego, California Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists stands out in the water treatment industry for our wide range of services offered. We pride ourselves on our high quality chemical products, engineering and continued dedication to customer on-site support and technical support services. Our knowledgeable engineering staff have designed and implemented hundreds of custom-fitted water treatment systems, and our industry expert laboratory services personnel have extensive experience in running analyses in troubled water systems to help determine the most effective cause of action for any problems a water system might experience.

Many ask us what is it about Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists that sets us apart from competitors. Our answer, is our commitment to cutting-edge technology, engineering, excellent customer service and our experience with over 20 years as a full service provider and manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems and water treatment equipment and chemicals. Our main goal is to serve our customers with the best possible service with the end sight of having their water systems run as smoothly and cost-efficiently as possible.

For more about us or  information regarding our products and services, contact a Aqua Clear water treatment specialist today by emailing us at or call our offices at (858) 270-7655.

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