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Why should you be a Distributor for Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists?

Quality of Engineered Products – Aqua Clear ensures the highest quality, efficient and customized reliable designs for long term value. All of our reverse osmosis systems and water treatment equipment have been engineered with the customer and ease of maintenance in mind. Our number one goal is to provide the highest quality products and equipment as well as the highest quality service to our customers for the lifetime of the system. As a distributor for Aqua Clear water treatment specialists, you can uphold customers expectations of the standard of excellence we hold ourselves to.

Superior Chemical Products – Aqua Clear’s specialty reverse osmosis chemicals are formulated for use in a variety of different applications. Our chemical laboratory services team can get any system dialed in with the correct water treatment chemicals to get a system operating as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Aqua Clear’s line of antiscalants are formulated for high recovery applications and are designed to handle stressed water systems. Our exceptional line of membrane cleaning chemicals help maintain membrane performance and extend overall membrane life. Aqua Clear has many reverse osmosis pretreatment chemicals to get your system running at optimum productivity.

Cost of our Products – We are highly competitive with our pricing and still hold the utmost quality in all of our products offered for reverse osmosis systems, chemicals, and water treatment equipment.

Services Offered – Our services include new equipment sales, application sizing, new equipment startup services, membrane extraction and cleaning services, membrane performance analysis & membrane autopsies, membrane chemical services and sales, off-site membrane cleaning services and chemical sales, system disinfection services, general repairs, microprocessor programming, troubleshooting and retrofitting services, overall system calibration and performance optimization. If you’re looking for the best Service and Support for Water Treatment Specialists southern California has to offer, you have come to the right place. With over 20 years in the water treatment and reverse osmosis industry we take great pride in offering the best in service and support for  every one of our customers.

Custom Engineering and Design – Aqua Clear understand that most water sources and filtration applications are unique. We design custom tailored systems specific to the feed water source and application of the treated product water. Our skilled engineers take each and every customer through the process from concept derivation to manufacturing. The custom engineering process is very thorough; covering an entire scope of analyses, including a water analysis that is provided by either the customer or from the Water Treatment Specialists laboratory.

Technical Support – We have skilled technicians and engineers that can assist in many different aspects of water treatment. From start-up and instillation of a reverse osmosis system and or water treatment system, to the beginnings of engineering a system from the ground up. We also provide on-site and over the phone technical and troubleshooting support. Our industry expert laboratory services staff can assist with determining unknown foulants, and provide many different services to get a system running as optimally as possible.

Sales Assistance – Just like our technical support staff, we have a highly skilled, technical sales team that may assist in determining a customer’s water treatment needs.

Commitment to Improvement – As technology evolves in the water industry as do we here at Water Treatment Specialists. We use state of the art water analysis projection software along with high-end 3D software for all of our engineering designs.



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