Desalination Reverse Osmosis Systems

Water Treatment Specialists sea water reverse osmosis system

Date:17 May, 2018


Desalination Reverse Osmosis Systems

As fresh water sources are quickly becoming more and more scarce, it becomes necessary to resort to other alternatives such as sea water desalination. In many places around the world, the only viable water supply is sea water and the need for fresh filtered water is dire. These types of applications are in high demand for a way to purify water so that it can be utilized for potability, irrigation or industrial purposes. With new technological innovation, products are becoming more ecologically friendly and less energy intensive. Large strides have been made in desalination processes in the last ten years, such as the development of energy efficient membranes and pumps. Subsequently, the operational cost of running a desalination reverse osmosis system is becoming less staggering. Aqua Clear has years in expertise and manufacturing of commercial and industrial sea water desalination reverse osmosis systems and watermaker systems for the marine and boating industry.

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