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Aqua Clear Laboratory Services

Our industry expert chemists and chemical engineers have a wide array of laboratory services to help troubleshoot any problems that may occur in a reverse osmosis system or in any water pretreatment equipment. Our unparalleled laboratory capabilities can help even the most troubled and fouled systems back up and operating properly.

Aqua Clear provides water analysis services to help determine proper implementation of water treatment chemicals or to help audit water filtrate quality issues within a water treatment system. A recently performed and complete water analysis is essential in selecting the proper antiscalant with an optimum dose to meet your water purification needs. Our expert water chemists conduct these analysis using EPA approved methods with state-of-the-art analytical instruments to get the most accurate analytical results possible.

In conjunction with our water analysis laboratory services Aqua Clear utilizes proprietary antiscalant projection software to determine the most effective antiscalant formulation to procure an optimum antiscalant dose specific to your feed water source and recovery needs. Optimizing chemical usage can help save thousands annually on chemical and operational costs. Contact an Aqua Clear water treatment specialist for a free consultation and more information on our water analysis services.

Feed and brine water analyses



Aqua Clear Antiscalants

Our staff of water chemists perform filtration study analyses to help determine the most effective chemical additives to get pretreatment systems working as effectively as possible. This study helps gather information to whether current pretreatment can be improved or if implementation of further equipment such as multimedia filters or chemical additives could improve feed water quality to a reverse osmosis or nanofiltration system.

A filtration study entails collecting specific general water parameters of feed water prior to use in a multi-media filter or other means of pre-filtration. These general water parameters help our chemists determine if your feed water quality can be improved by addition of a coagulant to remove suspended solids.

Aqua Clear has a full line of reverse osmosis and nano-filtration compatible coagulants. Our staff tests the efficacy of our coagulants with your feed water to determine if filtrate quality can be improved out of a media filter by providing an optimum coagulant dose recommendation. Our laboratory procedures for this test are tailored to correlate with actual on-site results ensuring that our optimum coagulant dose prescribed by our chemists works on a full-scale application.

Filtration study jar testing



Aqua Clear Coagulants & Flocculants

Aqua Clear provides membrane autopsy services to help customers determine cause of failure or fouling of membranes and give cleaning recommendations or determine damage present in a membrane. We perform autopsies on reverse osmosis membranes and ultra-filtration modules to nano-filtration membranes and cartridge filters and many more. Our team of water industry experts will use the analysis to determine proper implementation of chemical treatment and preventative measures for the future. For more information and more detailed descriptions of our analytical tests and capabilities click on the link below or contact one of our Aqua Clear water treatment specialists.

Element map of foulant on a membrane surface



Aqua Clear Membrane Autopsy Services

Membrane Autopsy Brochure

In addition to our membrane autopsy services Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists also performs foulant analyses for virtually any water treatment process. Our laboratory staff performs ultra-filtration module autopsies and cartridge filter and bag filter analyses to gain insight on fouling prior to an RO system. Additionally we have the capability to test for the elemental composition of any unknown substance that may conglomerate in a system (e.g. scale or bio-fouling) to help gain insightful knowledge on what problem is occurring and recommendations on how to fix and prevent future fouling events.

As water sources become more scarce the industry is trending towards yielding higher water recoveries which may at times be associated with new and unfamiliar fouling. Our foulant identification services and highly knowledgeable staff will help identify why fouling occurred and will give recommendations on proper implementation of chemically fed products to fit your water recovery needs specific to your feed water source. For more information on our water treatment system troubleshooting capabilities and laboratory services contact an Aqua Clear water treatment specialist.

Unknown foulant identification

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