Industrial Water Reuse Osmosis Systems

Municipal Water Source

The “Municipal” or financial backing for most state governments just isn’t there to aide in the repair work needed for many cities still using this old and worn out equipment providing our tap water. If that wasn’t bad enough, cities add chemicals to our water supply such as fluoride and also chlorine. The reality of this situation is that our tap water supplies will greatly decline in quality in the years to come. The number one thing we can do to protect ourselves and our families is to treat the contaminants in our city’s water supply and one of the best ways of doing that is by using a reverse osmosis system.

Tap water or city municipal water that we all use on a daily basis to clean dishes, wash clothes, cook food and shower with is full of contamination. Many cities unfortunately are still using the same equipment that is in dire need of replacement from wear and old age. Sometimes a good pre-filtration system will be adequate for removal of chlorine, taste, odor, sediment and salts that are present in the tap water that is supplied to us.


  • Dechlorination Chemicals – Virtually instantly reacts with free chlorine and quickly reacts with total chlorine (chloramine) and other oxidizers to prevent damage to costly RO membrane elements.



  • Greensand Filter – Efficient in removing iron, manganese and arsenic from feed water.


  • Cartridge and Bag Filters – Implemented just prior to reaching RO or NF membranes reduce the level of suspended solids from feed water. Typically, these are insurance for membrane protection and should not be relied on as the primary water prefiltration method.


  • Water Softeners – used to reduce calcium and magnesium from feed water by addition of salt. Antiscalants have largely replaced the need for water softening systems as they are typically much more economical.


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