Mixed Bed Deionization (DI)

Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists manufactures a complete line of mixed bed DI and ion exchange systems using ResinTech exchange resins for a variety of water treatment applications. Our custom built ion exchange systems remove an extensive range of dissolved contaminants such as nitrate, sulfate, fluoride, arsenic, barium and organics. Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists deionization Systems can also design systems to reduce perchlorate, hardness and DBP.

Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists deionization Systems are designed to remove ionized dissolved solids from water. The system process is executed by passing water through the hydrogen form of a cation-exchange resin and then through the hydroxide form of a strong-base anion-exchange resin. The resin media need to be regenerated with acid and caustic. Water Treatment Specialists recommend the water flowing into the deionizer is pretreated with an Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists Commercial Reverse Osmosis System, which will reduce the cost for regeneration chemicals. Mixed bed ion exchange polishing tanks are used to reduce the conductivity even more.

There are many uses for deionized water including manufacturing (microchips, semiconductors, etc.), pharmaceuticals and others. Polishing the deionized water is common with ultra-pure water, which has even higher standards of water quality. Organics must be removed along with all biological components prior to use in a mixed bed DI tank.

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