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Media Filtration Systems for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists specialize in designing media filtration systems for commercial and industrial water purification applications.  With years of training, hundreds of systems installed, and vast resources to call upon, we have the knowledge and practical experience to solve virtually any water purification challenge.

Most of our filtration systems are custom designed to address the specific water quality needs as well as the constraints of the location and the available water supply.  Often we are called upon to build pre-filtration solutions for ultra-pure water (UPW) that is used for manufacturing or pharmaceutical processes which require much cleaner water than what is supplied by a well or the municipality.

We also supply filtration solutions for “hard-to-solve” situations, such as iron removal and/or arsenic removal.  Regardless of the application, you can be sure that with the guidance of our service and support Team you have the ability to provide a well thought-out solution for your water purification needs. Water Treatment Specialists also carries replacement parts for many of the leading valve makers such as Fleck Valves, Clack and Autotrol Control Valves.








Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists offer a wide variety of filtration solutions, including the following media filtration products:

Birm®birm-filter-media-1 Birm® is an efficient and economical media for the reduction of dissolved iron and manganese compounds from raw water supplies.  The physical characteristics of Birm® provide an excellent filter media which is easily cleaned by backwashing to remove the precipitant. Birm® is not consumed in the iron removal operation and therefore offers a tremendous economic advantage over many other iron removal methods.Reverse Osmosis System Company Download by Aqua Clear, LLC
Coconut Shell-High Activated Carbon coconut-shell-high-activated-carbon-media-1 Granular activated carbon is designed for reduction of tastes, odors and dissolved organic chemicals from municipal and industrial water supplies. One of the most common applications for Coconut Shell-High Activated Carbon is the reduction of the undesirable tastes and odors present in many chlorinated water supplies.Reverse Osmosis System Company Download by Aqua Clear, LLC
Manganese Greensand manganese-greensand-media-1 Manganese Greensand is formulated from a glauconite greensand and is capable of reducing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from water through oxidation and filtration. Soluble iron and manganese are oxidized and precipitated by contact with higher oxides of manganese on the greensand granules. The hydrogen sulfide is reduced by oxidation to an insoluble sulfur precipitate. Precipitates are then filtered and removed by backwashing.Reverse Osmosis System Company Download by Aqua Clear, LLC
Pyrolox ® pyrolox-filter-media-1 Pyrolox® is a granular water filtration media used for the removal of hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese. A naturally mined ore, Pyrolox has been used in water treatment for more than 75 years. Through a natural chemical reaction, Pyrolox has the ability to help produce clean, high-quality water. Pyrolox filter media works by oxidizing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide in problem water. Trapped particulate is then removed from the media bed during the backwash cycle.Reverse Osmosis System Company Download by Aqua Clear, LLC
Anthracite anthracite-filter-media-1 Although its potential for water treatment has been recognized since ancient times, anthracite coal was not used for this purpose until the beginning of the 20th century. Crushed Anthracite makes an excellent medium density filtration media. Because of its angular shape, some of the sediment penetrates deeper into the bed. When compared to equivalent filter sands, this means longer filter runs and less head loss. Backwash rates are also reduced.Reverse Osmosis System Company Download by Aqua Clear, LLC
Filter Sand and Gravel filter-sand-gravel-media-1 Filter Sand and Gravel are naturally occurring, river washed, glacial deposit products. Their excellent chemical properties – high silica content and low soluble calcium, magnesium and iron compounds – meet AWWA-B100-96 specifications. Precision sizing and uniform grading to close limits meet the rigid specifications of professional engineers throughout the world.Reverse Osmosis System Company Download by Aqua Clear, LLC
Calcite calcite-filter-media-1 Calcite is a naturally occurring calcium carbonate media. One of the advantages of Calcite is its self-limiting property. When properly applied, it corrects pH only enough to reach a non-corrosive equilibrium. It does not over-correct under normal conditions. Upon contact with Calcite, acidic waters slowly dissolve the calcium carbonate to raise the pH which reduces the potential leaching of copper, lead and other metals found in typical plumbing systems.Reverse Osmosis System Company Download by Aqua Clear, LLC
Garnet garnet-filter-media-1 Called multi-media or mixed media filtration, the high density, small grain size of Clack #30-40 Garnet solves a major filtration problem. Multi-media filtration technology is applicable to both water and waste water treatment. Custom designed filters with varying filter bed configurations can be designed to meet specific needs. For the majority of municipal and industrial water supply applications, a filter bed composed of 55% low density material, 30% medium density material, and 15% high density material is recommended.Reverse Osmosis System Company Download by Aqua Clear, LLC
High Activated Carbon (HAC) coconut-shell-activated-carbon-1 Catalytic Activated Carbon is a high activity coconut shell based granular carbon that is specifically designed for the reduction of chloramines and hydrogen sulfide from potable water. Manufactured from select grades of coconut shell coal to produce a high density, durable granular product capable of withstanding the abrasion and dynamics associated with repeated hydraulic transport, backwashing and mechanical handling.Reverse Osmosis System Company Download by Aqua Clear, LLC
Nextsand ® nextsand-filter-media-1 Nextsand ® is based on a rare natural mineral that is highly processed and graded. It’s unique properties allow it to radically alter the performance and cost of media filtration. The hardness, stability and microporous character of Nextsand ® makes it a perfect filtration media for virtually every application in the water and wastewater treatment industry.Reverse Osmosis System Company Download by Aqua Clear, LLC


Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists also offers service and maintenance programs for all of our media filtration systems. Contact us today to find out more or by phone +1 (858) 270-7655


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When designing a Filtration Solution, Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists are diligent in pursuing the following goals to ensure system effectiveness and customer satisfaction:

  1. Cost Effectiveness > through the use of standardized components.
  2. Technical Effectiveness > by using scientifically proven solutions and following industry standards, as well as regulatory requirements.
  3. System Efficiency > by utilizing the best available components for each application.
  4. Operational Cost Effectiveness > by minimizing energy consumption and operator intervention.
  5. Maintenance Efficiency > by reducing manual cleaning needs or carbon re-bedding frequency.

Properly designed filtration systems and filter components are critical for any water purification application. From Arsenic removal to Zebra fish research, the filtration system is the key to successful water purification and Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists have the proven ability to develop a solution for you.

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