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Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists multimedia filters consist of several types of media and gravel under bedding. Multimedia filtration (MMF) is used to remove small suspended solids from water and wastewater. Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists manufactures skid-mounted or stand alone system that are factory assembled, wired, quality assurance tested, and delivered ready for installation. Multimedia filtration is a proven design; the coarse media layers in the top of the tank trap large particles, and smaller particles are trapped in the finer layers of media deeper in the bed. The result is highly efficient filtering since removal takes place throughout the entire bed. This type of sediment filtration is ideal for a pretreatment process to any reverse osmosis system helping to ensure long life of the membrane elements. Additionally, the implementation of a coagulant may significantly improve filtrate quality out of the MMF by conglomeration of particles. To determine if your water is a good candidate for coagulation, contact our laboratory services department about a filtration study on your water.

Multimedia filters typically remove particles 5-15 microns in size or larger. Addition of coagulant may improve particle range from 0.5 microns and larger. All media is included in our filters and are carefully selected according to particle size, so the media retains its stratification during backwash and rinse. The automatic back washing system removes the trapped contaminants within the filter bed and washes them to a common drain.

Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists designs each multimedia filtration system based on the customers water type and desired flow rate. We also offer service and maintenance programs, such as rebedding, for many other manufactured media filtration systems. Contact us today for a free quote on our multimedia filters.

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MMF by Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists


MMF by Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists










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