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Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists offers an array of different ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer systems from several manufacturers of UV water purification systems. We provide both UV systems and expert guidance for a number of applications including, swimming pools, commercial/industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical and bottled water production, as well as agricultural applications. From public swimming pools to hotel resorts and casino pools, we offer a competitive line of both medium-pressure and low-pressure UV systems that are NSF certified. These systems are tested to provide doses of 60 mJ/cm2 at the end of lamp life and they include UV intensity monitoring and a temperature monitoring system for added safety.

We supply a wide range of flow rates from 1 gpm up to 2,000 gpm.

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Advantages of UV for Swimming Pools:

  • Proven technology to inactivate chlorine resistant microorganisms, such as cryptosporidium, giardia, and fecal coliform bacteria
  • Reduce the amount of chloramines, which are the chlorine by-products that cause skin and eye issues, as well as respiratory illnesses
  • UV limits the chemical requirements for operating clean and healthy water in pools of all sizes

Ultraviolet Water Purification for Commercial and Agricultural Use

There are many types of applications for UV water purification for industrial, pharmaceutical, and agricultural water purification.  Water Treatment Specialists ultraviolet sterilizers are effective for disinfection of microorganisms, destruction of algae, and reduction of Total Organic Content (TOC) in water.

Semi-conductor and pharmaceutical manufacturers have implemented UV use for many years because they can achieve the cleanest water possible and ultraviolet treatment is a cost-effective alternative to ensure that they produce the water purity needed to maintain product quality and to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Applications for Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural UV Water Purification

  • Disinfection of process waters to protect bio-contamination of manufacturing equipment
  • Purification of rinse water that is needed for cleaning of food products and packaging
  • Biological control of microorganisms and algae for cooling towers and closed loops
  • Pretreatment of irrigation water
  • Treatment of stored bulk water through the use of a recirculating UV loop
  • Disinfection of bulk product water that is needed for bottled water and reconstituted juices

Aqua Clear water treatment specialists have extensive knowledge and experience with ultraviolet applications and UV technology. Contact a water treatment specialist today to discuss Ultraviolet Sterilizers UV water purification applications. We are committed to providing the best UV support for your situation.

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