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Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists manufactures ion exchange water filters and offers service programs for water softening and deionization. In the water treatment industry the two most common forms of ion exchange filters are softening and deionization (DI). Softening is most commonly used as a pre-treatment system in reducing water hardness prior to a reverse osmosis system. A softener system contains resin beads that exchange two sodium ions for every calcium or magnesium ion removed from the incoming hard water, in turn producing soft water. A softener system is a great pretreatment method for removing the salts that could essentially damage the membrane elements of an RO system, causing scale on the membrane surface.


Deionization Media Resin by Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists

Deionization or DI systems can be an important component of a total water purification system when used in combination with other methods such as reverse osmosis filtration. DI systems effectively remove ions, resin beads exchange either hydrogen ions for cations or hydroxyl ions for anions. The DI resins can be in separate bed exchangers with separate units for the cation and anion exchange beds. They may also be packed in mixed bed exchangers containing a mixture of both types of resins. The deionization resin will remove dissolved inorganics from the water source. Contact Aqua Clear water treatment specialists about our services and ion exchange water filters today.


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