About Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists

About Aqua Clear Water Treatment Chemicals and Reverse Osmosis Systems

Many ask us what is it about Aqua Clear water treatment specialists that set us apart for our competitors? Our answer, is our commitment to cutting-edge technology, excellent customer service and our experience with over 20 years as a full service provider and manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems and water treatment equipment.

Based out of San Diego, California we stand out in the water treatment industry for our wide range of services offered such as on-site support, laboratory servicescommissioning, technical support, custom engineering and our service and maintenance capabilities. In addition to our offered services, Aqua Clear’s large product line and specially formulated water treatment chemicals can meet any water treatment application. Our industry expert staff can assist in the process of determining which equipment best fits your specific water needs.

Aqua Clear has been serving the water treatment and reverse osmosis industry for over two decades and uses only the highest quality components in our manufacturing facility. We ensure efficient, customized, reliable designs for long term value. All of our reverse osmosis systems and water treatment equipment have been engineered with both specific customer needs and ease of maintenance in mind. Our number one goal is to provide the highest standard of excellence for our products and equipment in addition to having the highest quality service to our customers for the lifetime of the system.

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