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Mobile Pool Reverse Osmosis System

Mobile Pool Reverse Osmosis System by Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists


Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists provide state of the art custom engineered systems and service that will meet and exceed any of your specific water treatment needs. SaveWater San Diego a mobile pool filtration company came to Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists towards the end of last year with mobile trailer that needed an overhaul done. In the mobile pool reverse osmosis system trailer was an existing reverse osmosis system that was getting old and out of date. We started by removing the old RO system that way we could really see how much room we working with for installing a brand new Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists reverse osmosis system.

Once our engineers had the layout and all dimensions taken it was on to engineering the 57,600 GPD or gallons per day brackish water reverse osmosis system. Like all of our designs that we manufacture, before the building process our mechanical engineer designs the complete system with our 3D software. Utilizing this 3D software we are able to provide accurate builds and more stream line systems easy for maintenance and service. The mobile filtration unit was equipped with a generator providing 460v the would run the RO system along with a chemical dosing system of our antiscalant and a feed boost pump prior to the RO.

Commercial and Industrial Reverse Osmosis and Water-Treatment Systems by Aqua Clear

Water Treatment Engineering by Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists

The completed unit was factory tested here at our facility where it goes through a %100 full run test making sure everything works as expected. The pictures below show the process as well as the finished product.




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High Efficiency Commercial RO Systems

Water Treatment Specialists Media Filtration

Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists manufactures the best high efficiency commercial RO systems on the market today and has been doing so for over 20 years. All of our high efficiency commercial reverse osmosis systems are top-of-the-line. Each system is designed for efficiency, durability and contentious run-time making these systems ideal for plug-and-play applications. These reverse osmosis systems are designed for easy install and operation for most standard and individual commercial needs providing a range of flow rates from 2,000 – 6,000 gallons per day of high quality filtered water. Each reverse osmosis system that we manufacture is turn key and is fully automated. All our systems are designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring high quality standard, perfect for all your water treatment needs. The line of high efficiency commercial RO systems comes fully wired and plumbed with simple MNPT or FNPT connections making these systems a breeze to install.

For more information click here or contact us today to learn more about Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists and how we can help with your water purification needs.

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Water Treatment Plant


Water Treatment Plant Layout

Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists offers full water treatment plant designs from beginning to end. Utilizing state of the art reverse osmosis technology, as well as high quality pre and post filtration systems and chemical dosing treatment. Contact us today to find out more on how Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists can custom engineer a water treatment plant for your specific water requirements. We are a leader in the water treatment industry when it comes to offering a full service from engineering, site analysis, manufacturing and service for all of our customers. For any additional information on our plant design, engineering and service capabilities contact us today.


Reverse Osmosis Plant Design

Both commercial reverse osmosis systems and industrial reverse osmosis systems available

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San Diego Agriculture and Farming

Since 1994 Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists has been providing service and water treatment products for the agriculture and farming industries. We specialize in reverse osmosis systems, water filtration systems and also provide the service and chemicals needed to yield the highest quality crops. Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists has worked hard along side the farmers and agriculture industry in Southern California to earn the respect and trust of its customers.





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#1 Water Treatment Service Programs Provider


Aqua Clear water treatment specialists service any RO system

Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists has been a manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems and water treatment equipment for over 20 years. Our #1 product that makes us stand out is our complete water treatment service programs that we offer. Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists not only offers service programs for systems we have designed and manufactured, but service programs are also available for reverse osmosis systems and filtration equipment manufactured by other companies.

There is no job too small or too large for us to provide the finest quality water treatment service programs. We offer industry leading, first-rate quality water treatment service programs. Please feel free to contact us today for a free evaluation of your water needs.







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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems are in high demand in the water treatment industry. At Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists, we customize systems to fit just about any water criteria. Commercial RO systems are used in many various applications ranging from the car wash industry, mobile pool filtration, microelectronics and textiles to breweries and beverage production. Each system is unique and custom designed to the specific water type. Every design of our commercial reverse osmosis systems start off with a feed water analysis of which we look at each constituent analyte in the feed water to run accurate projections to predict and take care of the requirements of our customers needs.

Aqua Clear Small Commercial RO Brochure

Aqua Clear Large Commercial RO Brochure


Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

There are many applications and important uses for a commercial reverse osmosis system, such as filtration for municipal and well water sources. The beer brewing industry utilizes reverse osmosis water treatment in conjunction with other water treatment equipment to achieve a high quality product for their customers to enjoy. The agriculture and food industry benefits from the use of reverse osmosis in many ways. When we manufacture a commercial reverse osmosis system for a agriculture application we suggest a blending valve for the operator of the RO system to dial in the chlorides and TDS levels for their desired products. Some other applications for a Commercial RO System are car washing, coffee companies, textiles, window washing, microelectronics and pool filtration.


Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Container


Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists can customize and design a commercial reverse osmosis systems using state of the art 3D engineering. When designing a system for a client we take many things in to account ensuring we are covering all of the bases for the water quality requirements.

Design Criteria:

  • Water analysis
  • Space requirements
  • Delivery time
  • Water quality requirements
  • Quality assurance
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Ease of operation
  • Ease of maintenance

Commercial Reverse Osmosis 6,000 GPD rendering


Commercial Reverse Osmosis 6,000 GPD manufactured

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The Clear Choice for Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Systems and Services.