Dechlorination Chemicals

Aqua Clear Dechlorination Chemicals

Aqua Clear carries dechlorination chemicals for use in Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nano-Filtration (NF) systems. It is well known that the water industry standard, thin film composite polyamide RO and NF membranes are intolerable to oxidizers used in water treatment such as chlorine or chloramine. Removal of oxidizers prior to reaching the filtration membranes is essential as contact with oxidizers significantly reduces overall impurity rejection over time. Aqua Clears dechlor products react virtually instantaneously with free chlorine, and react with chloramines much more rapidly than generic sulfite-based products.

Aqua Clear Dechlorination Product Line

AC-450 – Concentrated Dechlor

AC-450 is a highly concentrated sulfite solution for use in RO and NF membrane systems. AC-450 virtually instantly reacts with residual free chlorine and quickly reacts with chloramine and any other oxidizers. AC-450 also acts as an oxygen scavenger and membrane preservative. Contact an Aqua Clear water treatment specialist for more details.

AC-450 Product Data Sheet

AC-455 – Odorless Dechlor

AC-455 is an odorless, stabilized and concentrated dechlor agent for use in RO and NF membranes. AC-455 does not emit any sulfur-dioxide gas, making it a more operator friendly chemical for use indoors or where ventilation is limited in applications where dechlorination is necessary. AC-455 can also be used to preserve membrane elements when not in use.

AC-455 Product Data Sheet

The addition of DPD dye indicator shows chlorine and chloramine present in tap water. Injection of Aqua Clear reverse osmosis dechlorination chemicals scavenge the total chlorine present, removing the color indicator from the sample.

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