Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

Aqua Clear RO Chemical Line

Aqua Clear has a whole line of specially formulated reverse osmosis chemicals for use in water treatment systems. Our line or pretreatment chemicals and reverse osmosis chemical cleaners can be tailored to the exact needs of a specific feed water source, recovery and permeate product use.

Aqua Clear has a complete line of antiscalants to handle a variety of different sparingly soluble salts and other pretreatment products designed for stressed water systems to keep membranes working as efficiently as possible. These reverse osmosis chemicals have been specially formulated to handle the most stressed waters. Our expert laboratory services personnel can recommend specific chemicals that should be used in a water treatment system based on the feed water source. We use proprietary antiscalant projection software to accurately predict the most troublesome types of scales that are likely to precipitate for each specific feed water source. For a water analysis and antiscalant projection please contact our laboratory services department through the link below.

Aqua Clear Antiscalants

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We carry a full line of specially formulated reverse osmosis membrane compatible coagulant chemicals to help clarify feed water and maximize time between cleanings. Better feed water quality leads to less frequent cleans and maximized membrane life. Aqua Clear performs filtration studies to help optimize the quality of feed water going into a reverse osmosis system via coagulation and filtration. Contact our laboratory services department for filtration study requests.

Aqua Clear Coagulants & Flocculants

Our reverse osmosis membrane chemical cleaners are designed specifically for use in reverse osmosis along with nano-filtration and ultra-filtration applications. These membrane compatible specialty cleaners are formulated to target specific types of fouling common to water treatment filtration modules and membranes. An established cleaning regimen can be determined through a membrane autopsy. Our water industry experts have performed hundreds of membrane autopsies and membrane cleaning studies to help keep our customer systems running as smoothly as possible. For more information on our membrane autopsies and cleaning studies contact an Aqua Clear water treatment specialist today.

Aqua Clear Autopsy Brochure

Aqua Clear Membrane Autopsy Services

Aqua Clear carries a line of dechlorination chemicals for use in pretreatment in an RO or NF system. Dechlorination is essential in maintaining membrane life as chlorine and oxidizers deteriorate membranes rapidly. Aqua Clear dechlorination chemicals react virutally instantaneously with oxidizers such as chlorine and other halogen based compounds.

Aqua Clear Dechlorination Chemicals


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