Chemical Dosing Systems

Chemical Dosing Systems by Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists

Over time, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration (NF) systems will develop a layer of impurities on the surface of the membranes. Impurities, such as scale, microorganisms and suspended solids will cause the membrane elements to foul, which will cause the performance of the system to drop (reduced flows, lower quality permeate, high pressures). High quality chemical dosing systems are vital in running a water treatment system properly. Faulty equipment typically leads to irreparable damage and fouling to costly membrane elements.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of RO and NF systems will extend the life and improve the performance of the membrane elements. Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists offers a variety of products and services for complete care of RO and NF systems.


Chemical dosing systems by Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists

We provides only the highest quality chemical injection systems and products. Each chemical injection system can be sized and calculated by our trained staff for best results. Our technical support team can help with determining the proper specially formulated chemicals, chemical pump and quantity that would be needed for your application.

Our industry expert chemical engineers and chemists perform a variety of water analyses, including antiscalant projections to ensure you are dosing the proper type of antiscalant most suited to your water source and recovery needs at the most economical concentration. Our laboratory service capabilities also include filtration studies to help dial in coagulant or flocculant pretreatment. We also assist in biocide injection concentration calculations as well as any necessary dechlorination chemicals to prevent damage to valuable RO membranes.

We offer chemical injection systems for many different applications such as:

Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists provides high quality RO and NF membrane chemical products and expert chemical services to go along with our chemical dosing systems. We also offer off-site and on-site membrane cleaning services for systems that require recovery or maintenance cleans.

Our product line includes a proprietary blend of membrane compatible chemicals including antiscalants, coagulants, biocides, dechlorination chemicals and membrane cleaners, all of which are designed to provide optimal membrane performance and extend overall membrane life.

We offer the most professional reverse osmosis and water treatment services in Southern California. If you’re interested in learning more about our chemical dosing systems, Call +1 858 270-7655 or email us today.





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